Press Release: February 11, 2014

Fuse Alliance Announces Donato Pompo/Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants as Preferred Service Provider

The Fuse Alliance is pleased to announce Donato Pompo and Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants (CTaSC) as the groups’ newest preferred service provider.

Fuse Alliance executive director Ron Lee shared "Fuse Alliance is excited to have tile and stone industry expert Donato Pompo provide technical services and training to our commercial floor covering contract members. More of our members are now selling and installing ceramic tile, glass tile and stone, and they want the resources to help ensure they achieve successful and quality installations."

CTaSC, under the leadership of industry expert Donato Pompo, will provide technical knowledge and assistance to Fuse Alliance members through the group’s online forum, annual conference and direct interaction when needed for specific projects. As necessary, CTaSC will provide additional services to Fuse Alliance members who need or can benefit from their expertise. Some of the potential services can include investigating or resolving problems, reviewing or writing installation specifications, evaluating and testing products to determine if they are suitable for their intended use, job site quality control services, and training services.

Fuse Alliance members will also have access to the University of Ceramic Tile and Stone (UofCTS) online training campus at UofCTS is the premier Online University for the tile and stone industries, and is currently endorsed and utilized by key industry associations and companies. UofCTS produces self-paced interactive online training courses covering ceramic tile, glass tile, and stone.

Donato Pompo, president of CTaSC and founder of UofCTS, underscored the importance of providing technical information and training to Fuse Alliance members by stating, “Following industry standards is key to avoiding costly tile and stone installation failures and delays. Standards are created to avoid reoccurring problems, so it is important for distributors and installation companies to have easy access to the standards. CTaSC will be able to refer Fuse Alliance members to relevant standards, and at the same time give them the benefit of CTaSC's experience and insight in how to avoid problems. UofCTS will be able to provide Fuse Alliance members with easy and affordable access to critical online training courses.”

Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants joins a select group of companies currently providing Fuse Alliance member’s technical and educational services.

About Fuse Alliance

Fuse Alliance is a member-owned organization of professional, commercial flooring contractors. With more than 70 companies in over 140 locations across the United States and Canada, the organization’s member businesses represent approximately $1.2 billion in sales and services. Fuse Alliance is made up of a unique network of flooring experts with a combined experience that spans across flooring product knowledge, installation expertise, and a keen understanding of meeting the environmental requirements of today’s market. Fuse Alliance’s governing body is an executive Board of Directors made up of 12 member business owners. Through its member network, Fuse Alliance is dedicated to serving the North American market and member businesses can be found throughout the United States and Canada.

About CtaSC

Ceramic Tile And Stone Consultants, Inc. (CTaSC) is a full-service company, providing expert witness, forensic investigations and inspections, testing, reporting, architectural specifications, quality control, online and hands-on training, market research, marketing and business planning to the ceramic tile, natural and manufactured stone, glass tile, brick and terrazzo industries. Our services are conveniently provided throughout North America and internationally. There are local CTaSC Inspectors located in or near most major cities in North America.

For more information on CtasSC, please visit: or for information on UofCTS visit

February 11, 2014
Aurora, CO

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Catherine Minervini

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Lyndsay Johnson

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