Fuse Technical

What is Fuse Technical?

According to a recent survey of interior design professionals, the top three problems that designers experience with flooring installations are improper installation, poor maintenance, and moisture-related product failures. In fact, these three issues account for 74 percent of their flooring installation problems. Additionally, interior design professionals are looking for more trained installers and more help with moisture and installation issues. 

We created Fuse Technical to help interior designers effectively solve flooring installation issues with the right technical information so that projects stay on track and on budget. Offered exclusively through Fuse Alliance, Fuse Technical brings top-notch flooring installation expertise specifically for commercial interior designers. Because Fuse Alliance is a network of impartial flooring installation professionals, the Fuse Technical program is designed to close this technical knowledge gap between flooring contractors and interior designers and offer our Members as their Go-to flooring experts for solutions to these problems.

Fuse Technical: The Go-to Flooring Experts for Interior Designers

With access to more than 100 commercial flooring contractor companies in 180-plus locations, Fuse Technical is well-positioned to answer technical flooring installation questions as a professional courtesy to architects, designers, and other product specifiers. 

Fuse Technical is ready to help. If you’re a commercial interior designer and need help with a flooring issue, please contact us at:

888-353-0924 (voice or text)